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Running a restaurant or bar can be very time-consuming and risky.  What if your shop is damaged through fire or vandalism? What if a customer slips, important records are lost, or your business has to shut down unexpectedly?

We make sure you have the best coverage available when accidents like these do happen.

Insurance Policies Designed Specially for You

Our representatives at Queens Medallion are happy to help you build a policy for your business. These policies can include  some or all of the following: business owner’s policy, workers’ compensation, liquor law liability, and assault & battery protection. This is frequently called a business owner’s policy BOP.

Your coverage is just as important as your customer service, reviews, and menu items. Restaurant change often and insurance policies should keep up or you could be risking more than you think.  Every part of the culinary process involves special restaurant and bar insurance coverage that you should be aware of.

What are my Restaurant and Bar Insurance Options?

Agents at Queens Medallion understand what you’re up against when looking for restaurant and bar insurance.  We take your hand and help create the perfect policy to fit your needs.  Insurance for restaurants and bars can be quite overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time.  It’s always best to speak directly with an agent for the most detailed information.  Some examples types of insurance are below:

Restaurant and Bar Insurance Options

  • Business Property – This could include buildings, property in transit, inventory, and more. It covers your restaurant location and inside contents including fixtures, furniture and valuable restaurant equipment.
  • Equipment Breakdown — Provides coverage for mechanical breakdown of covered equipment such as refrigeration equipment, heating, or air conditioning units.
  • Business Liability — This can help protect you from lawsuits against you and your business. This includes accidents, injuries, or illnesses a customer might report was caused by your business.
  • Loss of Income —  If your net income is less than it should be because of a covered loss this type of insurance protects you.
  • Business Crime– Unfortunately, employee theft, robbery and forgery are obstacles you may encounter as a restaurant owner. Business Crime insurance covers you for losses both within and outside your restaurant.
  • Accounts Receivable — This insurance protects you from losing money due to you because of damages accounts receivable documents.
  • Backup of Sewer and Drain — Provides coverage for accidental direct physical loss caused by the backing up of sewers or drains inside your building to business personal property at your location.
  • Computer Property — Coverage for computer equipment used in the business operation.
  • Workers Compensation – Accidents involving your employees may happen even in the safest, most code-compliant kitchens and dining rooms. We offer Workers’ Compensation insurance for your restaurant so you are prepared when those accidents and illnesses occur.
  • Employee Dishonesty — Covers direct physical loss of business personal property, including money and securities caused by dishonest acts committed by employees.
  • Food Contamination — Loss of Income Endorsement – Covers business income loss, specified costs and expenses related to contaminated food, and additional advertising expenses if your business is ordered closed by the Board of Health or any other governmental authority as a result of food contamination.
  • Liquor liability insurance – Any establishment serving or assist in the purchase of liquor, are open to liability claims.
  • Money & Securities — Covers the loss of business money and securities caused by theft, disappearance, or destruction from described premises, a bank or savings institution, within your living quarters, or while being conveyed by a messenger or armored auto between any of these places.
  • Signs — Covers accidental direct physical loss to signs attached to buildings (whether indoor or outdoor) and to outdoor signs not attached to buildings at the described premises owned by you or in your care, custody, or control.
  • Temperature Change/Spoilage — Covers loss to perishable goods on your premises caused by a change in temperature, humidity, or pressure that is the direct result of specified conditions in the endorsement.
  • Utility Interruption — Provides loss of income coverage due to failure of communications, water, natural gas, or electrical service to your insured premises for more than eight consecutive hours (see policy provisions).

Relax, and Give us a Call Today.

Don’t you want to focus on your menu and customers more vs. worrying about the possible problems that could happen?  Many problems are unpreventable.  It’s as easy as giving Queens Medallion a call to help you secure the most efficient and affordable restaurant insurance.

We understand that restaurants come large and small.  We have restaurant and bar insurance that covers all and in between including:

  • Company or franchise-owned restaurants
  • Family, casual, or fine dining restaurants
  • Fast casual or quick-service restaurants
  • Independently owned or chain restaurants

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