Queens Medallion brokerage is proud to provide quality auto insurance for personal, commercial, black cars and taxis.  A minimum level of insurance is always available, but this does not mean you shouldn’t consider additional levels of protection based on your unique needs. 

Location Does Matter

Depending on the state you’re from auto insurance coverage varies.   Queens Medallion can assist you in creating the perfect policy that meets the requirements of any state.

Standard Coverage

Every person needs unique coverage.  Most policies include the following standard coverage options:

Required Coverages

  • Body Injury Liability protects you when another person is injured in an accident caused by you.
    • Minimum State Required Liability of 25/50/10
    • Maximum Liability $1 Million (CSL),
  • Property Damage Liability protects you against damage done to someone else’s property (car, light post, fence) in an accident that was caused by you.

When a vehicle occupant is injured in an accident this coverage can be used for medical payments and funeral expenses. This coverage only protects you and your passengers.

When someone involved in an auto accident doesn’t have insurance or their insurance does not cover the damage done to your car this type of coverage protects you.

Mandatory – makes sure medical bills are paid quickly, covers loss of income, childcare, and even a funeral.  

Additional Coverages

With Emergency Road Service protection you don’t have to worry about how a blow out, having your car towed, dead batteries, and/or when you lock your keys inside your car. Emergency Road Service protection helps you keep these cost to a minimum.

Collision coverage protects you against damage to your car caused by others objects (Bridge, Light Post, Fence, etc).

Deductibles Starting at $500

Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle against something besides a collision like a theft, fire, etc.

This is extra liability insurance that goes above the limits and protects you against major claims and suits.  It can be applied only after liability insurance limits have been used.

Commercial Auto Insurance

We offer commercial auto coverage needed for the following:

  • A Rated Companies
  • Coverage for additional insureds
  • Waivers of subrogation for contractors
  • Out of state / in state filings
  • Non-owned/Hired auto coverages
  • Umbrella Insurance

How is Auto Insurance Rated?

  • Your driving record.
  • The limits you choose for each coverage.
  • Your gender.
  • Your marital status.
  • Your credit score.

Black & Yellow Cab Auto Insurance

Queens Medallion Brokerage provides auto insurance coverage for yellow cab, taxi and black car operators rather they’re owned by individuals or corporations.

Coverage packages range from 100/300/50 to $1.5 million Combined Single Limit

We also offer physical damage coverage with deductible starting at $500

Rates are based on:

  • Driving History
  • Driving Experience
  • Taxi Limousine Commision Experience
  • Car Base (Car Service, Black Car, Luxury Car Service)

Extra Discounts Available for the following:

  • Careful Driver
  • Accident Free
  • Defensive Driving Completion

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