Your Home/Building is Where Your Heart Is

Something unexpected has happened to your home or building causing major damage to its structure, appearance or your personal property inside.  What do you do? When seeking to insure something as important as your home and your private property inside it’s vital to speak with a professional.  We ensure every corner of your home/building is protected so you don’t have to worry.

Home / Building Insurance Basics

  1. Buildings Insurance
  2. Homeowner’s Insurance
  3. Vacant Building and Lot Insurance
  4. Warehouse Insurance
  5. Commercial Building Insurance
  6. Condo Insurance

Tenant vs. Landlord Insurance

Home/Building insurance policies also vary based on whether you are a landlord or tenant. The type of property that is inside and the type of home/building you are insuring also affects your policy. See below for a better understanding of the differences between landlord, tenant, and unique policies.

  • Landlord’s Building Insurance
  • Landlord’s Contents Insurance – In case you rent furnished apartments to tenants.
  • Landlord’s Liability – Protection against lawsuits
  • Loss of rent insurance – accidental damage

Rental insurance for tenants including contents.

Vacation home coverage

Questions to ask when seeking Home/Building Insurance

  • What is the value of my home/building?
  • What value liability coverage should I have?
  • What is the value of my personal property?

Home/building insurance can be pretty straightforward. But, there are several layers of extra protection that can be included or excluded based on your needs.  

Types of Home/Building Insurance Available:

  • Building Insurance.
  • Rent Loss Insurance.
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance.
  • Building Ordinance Insurance.
  • Flood Insurance.
  • Earthquake Insurance.
  • Sewer and Drain Backup Insurance.
  • Coinsurance waived.
  • Wind or Hail
  • General Liability Insurance.
  • Fire Damage Legal Liability Insurance.
  • Water Damage Legal Liability Insurance.
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance up to $200 million.
  • Rental Insurance

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