08:30 – 5:00

Monday to Friday

21-03 44th Avenue

LIC, NY 11101

(718) 784-9292

Welcome to Queens Medallion Brokerage Services, we have over 20 years of expertise
20th January 2019

08:30 – 5:00

Monday to Friday

21-03 44th Avenue

LIC, NY 11101

(718) 784-9292

About Us

Queens Medallion Brokerage is a privately owned, incorporated company in the heart of Long Island City area of New York. Our expertise is in insurances for commercial and residential constructions, restaurants, Home/Personal, Commercial and For Hire Vehicles. Our highly dedicated insurance professionals are here to help you get back where you belong.

Our Expert Team

Our investment experts constantly evaluate the best ways to put your money to work. Our portfolios are completely liquid, and you can access your money at any time. This is what sets us apart from the competition.

Stella Skoupas

Accounts Manager Specializing in Construction Insurance and Surety Bonds

Vivi Kalogerogiannis

Customer Service Representative, Specializing in Construction Insurance

Sulesha Sitaram

Customer Service Representative, Specializing in Home/Building Insurance

Christopher Tong

Broker, Specializing in Restaurant & Bar Insurance

Jennifer Garcia

 Specializing in Auto Insurance


Peter G. Cosmas

Broker, Taxi Underwriter
Specializing in Taxi Insurance

Maria Messados

Principal – Broker

George Georgiton

Principal – Broker

Jenny M. Emexezidis, CPA

Cheif Financial Officer

Diana Barbaran

Customer Service Representative 

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